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Corsair USB Headset vs. Corsair Analog Headset + Xonar DX

Hello all!

I'm hoping you can help me with picking one of these two options for my next sound-related purchase.

My primary interest is in gaming, particularly with games like Battlefield 3 where I'll have things going on all around me, and I'll be using Mumble to talk to teammates, at the same time.

1.) Buy $75 Corsair HS1 USB or $95 Corsair Vengeance 1500 USB Headset - Use Software to replicate 5.1/7.1 experience

- I have heard that it can be hard to hear teammate voices via Mumble/Ventrilo. Also, though it's not a big concern, this will not help my audio experience when using my Klipsch 2.1 speakers.

2.) Buy Asus Xonar DX sound card (I'm currently using MoBo) and Corsair HS1A (analog) Headset - Total of about $105 with rebates and special deals I've found

- This supposedly gives better experience for playing and hearing teammate voices. This also will help with the sound from my Klipsch 2.1 speakers.

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  1. Well I can't say for sure but I got a Xonar DS and it packed a punch. Bass is deeper and more "natural, the highs are more detailed, the mids are also clearer and the overall quality is better than my onboard soundcard from a regular Motherboard. For the headsets I can't say for sure but overall a Xonar DX + analog headset (hehe analog > usb headsets) I'd say I'd go for the second combo. Be sure to check for Xonar DX driver issues before though, I remember the DS had some issues with drivers from about half a year ago (can't really remember what they were, but some of my games would CTD) although those were fixed short after.
  2. I decided to just go ahead and buy the Xonar DG and Corsair HS1A, because the rebate on the Xonar DG is almost over, and the HS1A's are basically discontinued now, and I didn't want to lose out on the discounted price if they sold out.

    I can always return them or sell them back before opening, if I decide to go another route before I receive them in 2-3 days. :)
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    If you haven't made your purchase yet, I would recommend the Xonar DG over the DX. The DG is a PCI socket with a headphone amp. The boost from the amp does wonders for my HS1A. The lower Db out and the fact that it is a 5.1 card don't seem to out weigh the amp.
  4. I actually did buy the DG. I accidentally typed DX in my previous comment (I just fixed it). Thanks!! :)
  5. Here's the Asus link for the manual and drivers software:
  6. The only thing I've second guessed myself on since ordering is whether I should have gone with the Razer Carcharias instead of the Corsair HS1A. However, based on what I've seen online, there's no clear choice for everyone. Some prefer one and some prefer the other. So, I am just going to stick with the HS1A unless I try them out and really dislike them.
  7. jockey said:
    Here's the Asus link for the manual and drivers software:

    Thank you!
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