Can I get another front fan & grill for Antec 902 V3?

Hi, a few weeks ago I got my Antec 902 V3 case (HUGE improvement over my previous case) however with my new build I also lost the ability to use my DVD drive (no IDE on my motherboard) but it's a non-issue for me.

So, I'm wondering since I've got a full 3 drive spaces available on the top end of the front of my case, is it possible for me to get another 120mm antec fan and another slide-in fan case? It would help with airflow in my case quite a bit, and I think it would look really cool too.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. Are you asking if you can put a 120mm fan inside the 5.25" drive bays or on the outside of the drive bays? If your wondering if you can put in a fan then you definitely can as long as it fits since I put in a 89mm fan inside my empty drive bays with some zip ties.
  2. I was hoping to know if it was possible to get one of those slide-in brackets like there are for the two bottom fans. (with the dust filter and all)
  3. Not hard to find a hdd cage for the 902/1200,i have no idea if it will fit where you're planning.
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