I just bought a Inno3D GTS 450 today. Do you think.....?

I just bought a Inno3D GTS 450 today. Do you think this will be good for gaming in medium/high settings

My spec now is

Intel Dual Core E5200 (2.5 GHZ)
Inno3D GTS 450 (1GB, 128 bit , DDR5)
2GB of RAM ddr2
500W PSU

These games i gonna try


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  1. you dont have enough ram or cpu power to run gtaiv smoothly. the other games should run ok, the cpu is still slow though. If your running win XP you will have enough ram, but for win7/vista 3gb or more ram is a must.
  2. GTA IV requries atleast 3 gigs of ram others games would just work fine
  3. Is INNO3d good makers of GPU?
  4. dagasaitim said:
    Is INNO3d good makers of GPU?

    you gpu is fine inno is a good make, although I would have suggested a 460. Both your ram and cpu are going to be limiters (probably in that order) You'll get good on all the games except gtaiv. I imagine it'll still be playable.. but with 2 gigs of memory, it's bound to stutter or hang

    edit: Have fun playing prototype, sick game that didn't get enough coverage
  5. Quote:
    Paskistani ? Indian ?

    any brand is fine as long as they provide at least 2 years worth of warranty.......
    and like the other posters have mentioned, ur CPU and RAM will be a major issue in trying to play GTA IV

    I'm curious as to what that has to do with anything?
  6. Quote:
    just a wild guess,
    The brand seems to be more popular in the indian sub-continent region judging from some acquaintance of mine in India

    That brand has also been available in the UK for a number of years now, just an FYI.
  7. Because here my country INNO3d is cheap? it worth with my money?
  8. yes, they are considered to be a budget brand, but there is nothing wrong with them. I have owned a couple and have been very happy with them and i have never heard anyone complain about them.
  9. What country are you in?

    I have never heard of that brand - although if it is only foreign (I am in USA) then perhaps that means nothing.

    You can find good general information about video card brands at the following site (although it really only addresses US brands - I don't see anything about foreign ones - I thought they were all pretty much international, since few are probably manufactured in the USA anyway);
  10. Im from the philippines INNO3d is cheap here but i think it worth for my money?INNO3d is quality?
  11. GTS 450 Inno3d gddr5
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    Are inno3d good makers of GPU?
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