Difference between 2 almost identical G.Skill 16GB kits?

was wonderig the Difference between 2 almost identical G.Skill 16GB kits?

Ares vs Ripjaws:

which is better at what and why?



I did notice the Timing on the Ares is 10-10-10 2N

not sure what the 2N stands for or means,

the Timing on the Ripjaws is 10-10-10-30

both have same CAS latency and Voltage, other than that small difference on the timing and visual appearance they seem the same.

If anyone could tell me what the 2N means or why one kit is better than the other and which is better for Gaming?
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  1. I plan on running it in a
    Asus P8Z77-V LK ATX LGA1155 Motherboard
    Intel Core i5-2500K 3.3GHz Quad-Core Processor

    I noticed many ppl complained about the Ripjaws compatability on feedback.

    Anyone suggest a 75$ or less 2x8GB kit of RAM, even not G.Skill?
  2. I personally would avoid GSkill and go with Corsair or Crucial. The kits do look the same as far as technical specs go though. I use this kit in the workstations I sell.
  3. ok looks pretty good, better CAS latency than the more expensive vengeance RAM here:

    there would be no noticable difference between the two?
    Dominator might even be better?
  4. why would you avoid gskill? they have some of the highest compatibility rates on the market. considering how widely its used the failure rates percentage wise arent high either.
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    GSkill is every bit as good as Corsair.

    The difference between Ripjaws and Ares is that Ripjaws uses higher quality RAM modules. I would not use Ares for a Sandy or Ivy Bridge build due to the higher system agent voltage required ( VCCIO-VCCSA ). See this thread and the answers by jaquith.

    2N also written as 2T is the command rate.
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