Can my motherboard support all me hardware? Help Please!

Hello, can my motherboard (pegatron 2AB6) support my system.
6gb 1333
GTX 680 Lightning
Corsair TX 750W
CASE Cm Storm Trooper -this case have about 2 front fans, 1 top fan and 1rear fan can my motherboard support so many fans ?
Can my mobo run this system and case with so many fans? or i need to get other?
Help my please!
Thanks! :(
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More about motherboard support hardware please
  1. Yep everything you listed should work. But what is the company/model name of the ram that you are using? And your motherboard only should be able to handle one cpu fan and one case fan according to its specs. But i really suggest you buy a new motherboard because you have a great cpu and a great graphics card so you might as well buy a good motherboard to top everything up.

    Good luck with your build
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