Can my motherboard support all the cooling fans ?

Hello, can my motherboard (pegatron 2AB6) support my system.
6gb 1333
GTX 680 Lightning
Corsair TX 750W
CASE Cm Storm Trooper -this case have about 2 front fans, 1 top fan and 1rear fan can my motherboard support so many fans or i can plug it directly to psu and how ?
Can my mobo run this system and case with so many fans? or i just can connect it to psu?
Help my please!
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  1. psu is fine, just plug them in, if they don't have the same connector you can buy them cheap

    Your motherboard only has 1 CPU 4 Pin connection and 1 3 pin system fan connection which means you will not be able to support all your fans. You could use a fan controller something like this.

    Or if your fans have 4 pin molex power connections they could be powered by your power supply your power supply will have no issue powering up 4 fans.
  3. did you check the front fan and the top one could be control by the case controller for speed and the back one got a 3 pins for motherboard on it or a molex to connect at the psu
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