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Hello everyone
Im from Bulgaria, so sorry if my English sucks:)

I'd like to ask you something in particular:

I have a GeForce 8800 GT Video Card with 2 DVI connectors and one.. HDTV I think.
I bought a new Samsung B2230n 22" monitor, full HD, 60Hz. To which I was misled that it has a DVI input, but it doesn't - it only has a VGA. My old monitor was also VGA so I had an adapter and it worked just fine. But with the new one - there is a particular flickering which is really annoying especially for a brand new monitor.
The problem I think is really this adapter, cos a I tried my new monitor on an another computer where the connection was VGA to VGA and it was fluent.
So what should I do? Buy another adapter in hope of being a better one, or should I buy a new video card, which I wouldn't like doing cos this one is pretty good.

Thanks in advance
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  1. Trying another adapter is the least expensive option at around USD $5. Otherwise a Geforce 210 is a decent card with all three connection types USD $30.
  2. but this card is worse than mine, isn't it?
  3. The 8800 GT is more powerful.

    But if you just need something for non-gaming purposes, the 210 is great.
  4. The HDTV connectors you speak of is the TV-Out connector.It use's and adapter to convert it to a componet HDTV connection.

    If you just got the monitor I would return it for a different one,one that has a DVI connection.But a less hastle way would be a new DVI to VGA adapter.
  5. In Bulgaria there is no returning of stock. That's impossible. So I may find a better adapter?
  6. I don't mean to return it. I mean replace.

    Replacing the DVI to VGA adapter would be the least expensive option.

    Though, you may have an issue with the new monitor. Does the adapter still work just fine with your old monitor? Can you try it again? Or does it flicker with your old monitor?
  7. It doesn't flicker with my old monitor, but it is really old and the resolution was 1280x 1024. I guess there is a difference?
    The monitor I tried with VGA to VGA and it worked perfectly. So I think it's not the monitor, it's the connection
  8. The nvida driver has a bad habit of setting crazy refresh rates. I have a 9800gt in my HTPC and the driver was pushing the 46inch TV at 75 Hz, when the TV is rated for 60. I manually set it to 60 picture got 100% better.
  9. O,I didn't even think of it.Did you download/install the drivers for your monitor?
  10. No, because I am not using HDMI I just left it as a generic Plug and Play Monitor. Plus it is a generic brand 46TV I didn’t think they would have a driver so I did not bother to look.

    Any way it is running at 1920x1080 at 60hz and looks great, over a DVI to vga adapter that came with the card and a VGA cable I had lying around.
  11. Actually that was meant twards amidala_bg.

    On a side note some,but very few,TV's have downloadable drivers.
  12. yes i downloaded the monitor drivers, despite them the flickering is still on.
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