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Hi guys,

I have a dilemma here. I finally decided to go gigabit for my network but cannot decide on a switch. I am considering the HP V1810-24G Switch (J9450A). I would like to hear your opinions on some other good choices. The thing that I like about the HP switch is that it has lifetime hardware warranty replacement for as long as you own the product, with next business day advance replacement. That is a very big plus since I am willing to spend a good amount of money for a quality product as I see this as a long term investment. The other nice thing is jumbo packets, vlans, link aggregation and no fans.

So what I am looking for is a gigabit switch. It needs to be at least 16 ports. No fans is a big plus followed by link aggregation then vlans then jumbo packets.

I have also looked at the Dlink DGS-1216T and Dell PowerConnect 2816, they look like everything that I am looking for as well. Does anyone have any experience with either of them? I played with quite a few PowerConnect 27XX and they seemed to be very good products.

So Can anyone recommend another switch that I should consider? Price is not a concern neither is configuration complexity.

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  1. Emerald said:

    It actually seems alright. It kind of stinks that it does not have link aggregation and that it has multiple fans. I did however notice that they also provide lifetime hardware warranty and I did not know that Netgear did that. That is actually very good to know.
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