Good build ?

My budgets is about 1300 USD. I'm from Lithuania so computers, and their parts are more expensive here than in USA. Wanted to ask you what do you think of this build and maybe get some advices :)

Mobo: Asus p8p67 pro
CPU: Intel i7 - 2600k
VGA: GeForce GTX 560 GIGA-BYTE, 1GB ( it has 2 fans on it )
Case: THERMALTAKE element T mid tower
PSU: Corsair TXV2 650W
RAM: KINGSTON Hyper X genesis 8GB 1600mhz dd3
HDD: Samsung F3 1TB Sata 2, 7200rpm
Monitor : Asus LED, 21'5, 5ms, 1920*1080 ( one of the cheapest monitors)
CD/DVD rom: Cheap samsung one

TOTAL COST: 1,298 US dollars

It will be used for 3d modeling and rendering, video editing, and a bit for games :)

Also i'm gonna be OCing it later when i save up some money gonna get Noctua nh-d14 ( hope it fits the case :P ) i know it's one of the more expensive coolers but from what i've read it's amazing :D

P.S. Maybe i should wait for Bulldozer and see if it's better than the SB i7-2600k?
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  1. Looks okay.

    500w PSU would be enough however so you could save a little here.
    And ideally make sure your RAM is 1.5v @ 1600MHz - I know a lot of the Kingston RAM is 1600MHz but only at 1.65v - not ideal.

    Might also be worth looking into a "newer" GEN3 motherboard. ASRock Extreme4 GEN3 Z68 is a solid choice.
  2. Bulldozer will probably be cheaper , and for rendering the more cores the better with even phenom X6's beating out most of the sandy bridge quads

    You could run that on a 500 watt psu to save money and it will be fine . Just stick to quality brands

    The noctua cooler is good but not really worth it since you can get a good OC on the stock cooler , an great OC on a hyper 212 ,and an awesome OC on a scythe Mugen
  3. ^good alternatives, but the 2600k will do just fine. I would swap it for a cheaper CPU and spend more on a bigger monitor.
  4. Thanks for the feedback, gonna change Kingstom ram for Crosair Vengeance LP(they are 1.5v and at the same price ^^, correct me if im wrong tho ).

    And im considering to switch the psu for the crosair 600W cx600, i dont want to go too low kinda scary ;p
  5. BTW as far as i understood Bulldozer doesn't have 8 'real' cores. It has 4 cores and 4 modules am i right ? So it's basically the same ?
  6. If you will favor work over games its a good build.
    If you will favor games however id advice you to go i5-2500k and 6950 2 gb version (hawk version is very good since even in crossfire they can work withouth overheating assuming you have good case cooling).
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