Is the ASUS P8Z77-V LK/LE a good quality motherboard?

I'm going to be building a new system and my friend strongly recommended me getting an ASUS one. The P8Z77-V LK is the cheapest and most featured board I could find by ASUS, but on Newegg it has a combination of good and bad reviews. :( The only thing reviews do for me is add to the confusion. I've also heard that ASUS boards aren't what they used to be, is that true or are people just blaming the motherboards in their reviews because it's an easy culprit for failure? Another board I was looking at is the ASRock Z77 Extreme3 and it surprised me with some better reviews. So which one should I consider more?
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    Quality isn't an issue, really, it's just that the LX/LK//LE boards aren't the best for overclocking and they lack a lot of the features of the higher priced Asus/Gigabyte boards (owning a P8Z68-V LE myself, I can attest to that personally. 4.5 is about as far as you'll want to push an OC on a LK/LX/LE board. After that, you're pushing the weak VRM sections on those boards harder than they can really stand).

    I would get the ASRock Z77 Extreme4 (not the Extreme3) if he can't afford the P8Z77-V (regular or Pro). The Extreme4 has most of the features as a P8Z77-V (no wireless, though), but it's still a quality board, as well.
  2. So do you think that the Extreme 4 is just as good/better quality than the P8Z77-V (standard)? It's 184.99 when the Extreme 3 is only 119.99. If it means a lot better quality, then I would probably get the ASUS for $65 more...If it's not then ASUS boards are way overpriced. :??: My friend also told me how great ASUS's warranties are. He said you can just send it back (hopefully not needed) and they'll send you a brand-new one. I don't know, I guess he really wants me to get ASUS!
  3. ozzman1997 said:
    I don't know, I guess he really wants me to get ASUS!

    LOL, I'm kinda the same way. I'm a bit of an Asus fanboy (Asus mobo AND Asus GPU), but really the only thing a P8Z77-V adds over an Extreme4 is wireless LAN.

    The Extreme4 isn't quite as good quality wise as the P8Z77-V or any of the Asus boards, but it's good enough and it's hard to complain with the features that it offers for its price.
  4. Well if I don't really plan on overclocking my i5-3570k to more than 4 GHz, then theoretically would the -LK or -LE be decent? Oh and another thing I noticed about the ASRock boards is that they don't have 3 PCIe slots like the ASUS ones do. Doesn't really make a difference but also the ASUS comes with a 3-year warranty. Kind of neat. :sol: That must have been what my friend was talking about... :lol:
  5. ozzman1997 said:
    Well if I don't really plan on overclocking my i5-3570k to more than 4 GHz, then theoretically would the -LK or -LE be decent?

    Yeah, if you don't care about extreme overclocks, the LK/LE will be fine.

    Only the LK has 3 x16 PCIe slots, though. The LE doesn't (the LE also can't do SLI).
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  7. I've been using Asus for years and have overall had good luck with them. I am presently putting together a P8Z77 LE based machine and will let you know how it goes. Initial attempts failed but it relates to bad memory (one bad 8GB DIMM) and I'm waiting replacement on that.

    I put a P8Z68 Pro/Gen3 in service with an I7-2600 and 32GB about a year ago and it's been running flawlessly.

    I've even got an ancient Athlon based system in which the cooling fan failed, the case interior got so hot that several of the electrolytic capacitors on the motherboard exploded, still it continues to work.
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