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Newb installing CPU and has a question

I'm installing the CPU to the motherboard, and after I placed the cpu fan on the chip, one of the fasteners was caught on the side so I lifted up the fan to free the fastener. I totally forgot about the pre-placed thermal glue as I pulled it up. Do I need to go get some thermal paste and reapply it, or is ok since I placed it right back down?

Thanks guys
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    no, be safe and re apply it, if the thermal paste was lifted, theres a chance you made it uneven... so be safe :P
  2. That's what I figured. Thanks!
  3. It's fine, it's a paste so when you apply it as blobs or spread it which ever way, it always thins out as your apply pressure on your CPU fan/water block so it spreads evenly anyway :)
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