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Hi all ,

just a noob question i have a good wifi and cable connection ,and i am a maniac downloader ,and gamer so for gaming i would go for the cable connection ,while i am running torrent on my wifi network, at the moment i can do this by running ubuntu in wmware and use utorrent for my wifi ,and i play in windows , but the problem it takes a lot of power away ,so how can i do 2 things at the same time ?

ty !!!
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  1. Doesn't matter, all of your connections are going to the same spot, your router, and then your internet connection. You internet connection is your bandwidth bottleneck, unless you have super crazy fast internet.
    So I would just use one or the other. If you are getting lag, it isn't your are maxing out your connection from your computer to your router, it is the internet is maxed out.
    BTW, wireless and gaming aren't the best thing, better change for lag, or disconnects, If all possible I would stick with Wired connections.
  2. thank you !!!!
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