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Hello Guys............

Ihave just aquired a Dell Optiplex 320 from work, at home I have a Dell Dimension 3100 wired through a TalkTalk router, how can I get the 320 to work wire free through this router.
As you can tell I am a novice at this, can anyone help, can I use a dongle in anyway.

Many Thanks

Bob (Coffeekid)
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  1. Does the TalkTalk modem (or router) have wireless ? Does it have a second ethernet port or just USB and one ethernet ?

    Normally you can connect more than one computer wired with a router (or wireless if you have a wireless router).

    From my knowledge of friends who have TalkTalk they normally just supply a modem with a choice of USB or ethernet.

    As USB is apparently slow compared to ethernet it would be wisest to buy a wireless router -- but ask TalkTalk what they recommend first. When you get it you may need help from them on the router settings needed to connect to their incoming data.

    As your question suggests, if the Dell doesn't have a wireless adapter built in (and most desktops aren't supplied with one) you will have to add one. It will almost certainly have an ethernet connector.
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