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Im thinking of getting a cooler master silent pro 850w for my computer i am going to build.

I5 2500k, wil oc to around 4.5 ghz
2gb 560 ti, i will oc it and maybe upgrade to sli in future
Raid 0 ocz vertex 3 120gb
6 fans
Aerocool touch fan controller in future
Asus p8z68 pro gen 3
8gb corsair vengeance 1600, no oc

I a, confident about the wattage but should i upgrade to a corsair professional series 850w for like 40 bucks more.
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  1. No, you're fine. CM makes good PSUs.
  2. I'd go for the Corsair due to proven quality. If you are purchasing from Newegg, you could probably pick up a combo deal with the Corsair RAM.
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