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Crysis 2 graphics problem

whenever I play Crysis 2, red pixels fill the screen where there are darks. the screen -most of it- if fine but wherever there are blacks, they are replaced by red pixels.. help anyone!!

system specs:

Core2Quad 2.66 GHz
XFX9600gt 512mb
4gb 800MHz DDRII
ASUS p5qld pro
1TB seagate hdd
Cooler Master Elite
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  1. This only on Crysis 2? Did you try different graphic settings, lower resolution, turning off some effects, etc...? Using latests drivers and patches to the game?

    9600gt is a bit of a mis-matched card to your quad core CPU, you may want to look at an upgrade. It's a mid-range card from 2008, while it will run OK even on new games, you will do much getter with a newer card.
  2. Any overclock on that 9600gt? 100% agree with hang-the-9 Might be worth looking at an upgrade if you want to fully experience Crysis 2 in all it's glory :-)
  3. time for a new vid card.
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    I got an XFX 9600GT 512MB as well and no problem at all playing Crysis 2 on a simple core2duo system. Unless your card is dying you should have no problems running the game as it runs perfectly smooth on mine.

    This issue can be related to:

    - Graphic card over-heating. Look for temperature with HWMonitor or eVGAprecision 2.0.3. Shall not exceed 85 degrees. When I do play Crysis 2, I put it's fan to the maximum, I also overclock the card from 650/1625/900 to 745/1862.5/1150 (core/shader/mem) AND the cpu/ram/fsb to the roof too. These are the maximum stable clocks I've been able to achieve. The card can reach up to 85 degrees centigrade and it doesn't have a single behavior.
    - Beta Graphic driver or an old one. Try driver sweeper to uninstall every graphic drivers, reboot, install the latest WHQL driver from nvidia, reboot.
    - Outdated DirectX. Update it to the latest version, reboot.
    - Power supply failure. Use HWMonitor and look for voltages. They have to stick around their specification (1.95V on the +12V line shows the pus is dead).
  5. have tried both, playing the game with the card overclocked and with stock frequencies... I dont have an HD monitor, so usually the res at which i play is 1024x768. and ofcourse my card will not be able to cope up once i go for a 40" Full HD Bravia that im planning to get...
    i meddled with the brightness, Game settings, screen res.... but didnt work....!

    however, rolling back drivers and reinstalling them is what imma do...
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