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Hi I'm new and I joined so I could have some help here. I want to build a gaming computer for $700-800. Please when recomending things, I am in Canada. If it helps I'm trying to get a computer that will play bf3 and I mean buying everything(monitor,keyboard,speakers), but I don't need a gaming keyboard or mouse. I'm not able to buy this week but in the next few weeks as I am getting my money as of right now. I really have no prefference but I want a quad core that's atleast 3.2ghz. Idk about overclocking. Oh and Idc about sli/crossfire, but I'd like it supported for future upgrades. Thanks. 1 last thing, I do like and
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  1. Hi there. I'm from Canada and you may want to consider NCIX as well. They do online price matching. Check out as their prices are usually the cheapest. I ordered most of my parts from NCIX and CanadaComputers and price matched a lot of things from DirectCanada. That way, you can do in-store pickups and save on shipping!

    If you want to overclock, you should get an unlocked processor like the i5 2500k coupled with a p67 or z68 motherboard. I'm pretty new to computer building so I wont suggest much, but maybe it'll help if I post what I got. I've been running this for about a week without a hitch. Good luck!

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  2. Fill out the new build form in the new build forum.
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