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i7 2700k vs i7 3930k

I have done my research on both of these cpus and understand the difference. All i do is play games and surf the web. The question is do i buy the i7 2700k which is now an outdated socket, but highly respected, or do i buy the new socket and go with the i7 3930k? My price difference for the build is not a matter. I just dont want to spend money on something that i cant upgrade by just swapping cpus, in the future.

Thank You in advance for any help.

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    LGA 1155 is not outdated, its the mainstream socket while LGA2011 is the high performance and workstation socket, they are meant for two different price ranges. Based on your usage, a 3930K would be a waste, a 2500k is more than enough for gaming and web surfing, you don't even need a 2600k. With the 2500k or 2600k you aren't going to have a significant upgrade path without changing the board in a year or two, the LGA 2011 board might give you an upgrade path but its going to cost you $1k for a new CPU thats only about 15% faster so thats not really an upgrade path. Just get a good CPU for now, and deal with the upgrades when necessary which should be a few years anyway.
  2. the 3930k is the outdated socket as ivy will be on the lga 1155.

    anyways if you are gaming you might just buy the 2500k unless you want bragging rights as spending the $100 more gets you nothing.
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  4. Awesome!! Thank you Hunter. What you said was kinda what i was thinking, but i guess i just had to hear it from someone else. Oh, the word outdated was the wrong choice of word. Thanks again
  5. So far only Sandy Bridge-E and Xeon CPUs use socket 2011.

    Sandy Bridge-E CPUs have six cores, but there aren't any games that takes advantage of six cores. Sure you can play games with it, but the 5th & 6th cores will not be used. Also, there are not many games that can use 4 cores, so the 4th core is likely to be idle was well.

    Xeon CPUs are not ideal for playing games and they are expensive as well.

    Intel will probably release the Ivy Bridge-E at the end of 2012 or beginning of 2013, but that has not been confirmed.

    Haswell is Intel's next generation CPU architecture and that will be released probably in mid-2013; it will use socket 1150 and I really doubt the high end models will use socket 2011.

    Basically sockets 1155 and 2011 will be outdated when Haswell is released. If you want to spend extra money going with socket 2011, then go ahead. Just realize that most of the time when you play games, you will only be using 50% of your cores. But at least you can brag about having a powerful six core CPU.
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