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I see that the hd 6870 can handle up to three monitors. Does one plug into the usb port on the card? also if I decide to get a second hd6870 card will my 950 power sorce be enough power to handle it?
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  1. It's actually not a USB port at the back but what I would assume a mini display port. You'll need a cable like one of these active mini to dvi for eyefinity to work. Also you must have vista or w7, it will not work with XP.

    Also need more information about your powersupply. Just 950(watt?) is not enough information. Give us the model and brand please.
  2. Is there a reason you are assuming it's a mini displayport? There are a number of HD6870s with full size displayports and they actually look much more like a USB port imo.
  3. There are 22 6870 on newegg, 19 of those have mini display ports.
  4. I guess the port is a hdmi port and not a usb. Sorry I'm not to good with computers. I'm a old guy. Also the power source is a 950 watt Cyber Power PC gaming 80 plus power supply. If you don't mind another question. In a review that I read, It said the 6870 did not preform well with three moniters. Do you have input on this? and since I like gaming would you suggest getting the cross fire, a second hd6870? I would appreciate your info. and again would the 950 watt power source be enough? Thank You
  5. Yeah, for Eyefinity gaming a second HD6870 would definitely be a good idea unless you are willing to live with low/medium graphics settings.
  6. Let me ask you this since this wasn't totally clear: Do you already own the 6870? If your configuring new you might want to look at the 6950 instead.
  7. Yes. I purchased a cyberpower black pearl computer and upgraded to the hd6870 and also increased the power to the 950 watt. I like the idea of having three moniters around me. I just want to make sure it will work.
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