No Audio???

I just finished putting together my PC and everything works but the audio.

Its an old speaker but it still works.

I updated the driver and I know the "HD Audio" is plugged into the motherboard so Im not sure what the problem could be.

If you need any other info plz let me know so I can get this fixed as soon as possible!

Plz and Thank You
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  1. What do your speakers use?
  2. Do you mean what driver? What port? What exactly do you mean?
  3. Are you using 5.1 speakers or usb speakers? etc which speakers? The mobo does not have integrated audio btw.
  4. 5.1 im guessing.
    Im ganna dumb this down in this post because I dont know the terminology.

    I took the end which you plug into the computer (which looks like the plug for a pair of dray beats or just headphones used for an ipod) and put it in the port on the back of the PC (rear speaker out). But no before downloading and installing the updated drivers for HD Audio. Which I also plugged into the mobo.

    Now I had this same problem with my HDD earlier.

    I thought the sata plug from the front panel would make it work but i later realized i needed a sata plug going from the hdd to the mobo.

    Is it the same kinda thing?

    what do i need to plug in and where?

    or you can elaborate on 5.1 speakers like im guessing you were going too.

    The HD Audio is coming from the front panel of the case and to where i plugged in the HD Audio cable

    The speaker I have is a single one that is really old, if that tells you anything
  5. You need to plug the hd audio cable from the fp panel of the case to your mobo f panel.
  6. let me get this straight. I take the hd audio plug from the front panel (where the power, reset switches are) of the case and plug it into the motherboards F panel? (mobo front panel?) can you describe what it looks like or upload a pic so i can find it?

    sorry for the late responses by the way. just testing the new system.
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