Wireless not working- Multiple Cards- Inspiron 2600

Ok, so awhile ago I borrowed my dad's computer while mine was in the shop and it worked fine with a wireless pc card. Well, it had some issues so I reformatted it with a dell xp disc service pack 1. Since then I could not get the netgear ma521 card to pick up any networks. So, I spent a ridiculous amount of time messing with it with no success. I used that card on an identical computer and it worked fine. Still thinking it was a compatibility issue, I bought a linksys g-series card with the same issue. The "link" light never lights up. I'm pretty sure I've installed all the correct drivers. What am I missing? I've also tried reformatting using dell disc with service pack 2 and a factory xp pro disc. Same issues with all. I can get online via hard wire and get all updates but I'm just stuck???

Dell Inspiron 2600 laptop.
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  1. did you install any netgear software for the ma521?

    if you did, uninstall it and have windows control the NIC. All you need is the rivers.
  2. Yes, the netgear software I installed and it never worked. I have not reinstalled since reformatting. Where do I switch to having windows control it. Is it fine to use it that way with the Linksys?
  3. by only installing the drivers Windows will have control over the network card.

    I recommend to use the software only if Windows fails.
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