My MoBo is not giving wrong video signal!!!!

Hi there!!! I have an old Intel DG33BU working, but a couple of days ago, it started to reboot. Then it changed the behavior of the regular boot routine: after the intel logo screen, it makes my monitor make funny noises and the information on screen is like jumping but in a very fast way!!! Well i think is jumping, ´cause all i can see is furry "something on screen". When i enter the BIOS screen it work ok, and does not matter the time i spent there. I changed the RAM modules, and the same. It could be the IGP, or the memory controller? Please HELP!!
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  1. Sorry!!!! The post name is: My MoBO is giving wrong video signal!!!!
  2. Boot in safe mode it could your drivers
  3. williamjuly2003 said:
    Boot in safe mode it could your drivers

    the problem happens during the POST, so i cannot enter the safe mode
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