Feedback Needed For new gaming PC

FEEDBACK NEEDED what do you guys think of this

Haf 922--$90

i5-2500k/Sony optiarc--$220

Asrock Extreme3 Z68--$125

OCZ ZS 750W--$75

Seagate Barracuda 1TB--$55

ASUS GTX 560 Ti--$225

G.Skill Ripjaws 8GB 1600--$50

WHAT You Guys THINK? Will it run BF3...Crysis 2 MAX SETTINGS? Black Ops Max settings?

I really need input from you guys thanks BTWWW.. i am getting sli in the future and im using stock cooler cuz im getting liquid cooling for x-mas so yeah thanks guys
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  1. This is exactly the build I would make with one change (besides the fact that I only have the money for a 6850 instead of a GTX 560 Ti).

    Swap out the OCZ for a Corsair TX750. It costs $5 more, but is a better PSU based on independent reviews.
  2. johnny,
    System looks good from here. Throw in a Corsair Hydro H100 for simplistic cooling and you're set.
    Also, any artifacts or lag you may or may not notice on MAXIMUM settings with one card will most certainly go away when you go SLI.
    Happy gaming,
    grafxfx :pt1cable:
  3. ^+1 @nordlead. You might also consider a Seasonic PSU; both brands are excellent.
    Coolermaster still sells some PSUs with liar-labels on them, either overrated or missing claimed protections. That's dishonest, so I do not buy or recommend ANY Coolermaster products. Fortunately, you won't cut off your nose to spite your face by taking the moral high road. Nothing CM makes is not equaled or bettered by someone else, for the same or a lower price.
    Take a look at Rosewill's cases, specifically the new version of the Challenger with USB 3.0 ports:
  4. okay i did change the ocz psu to a tx750 anything alse to change
  5. and i realy like the haf 922 ur suggestion was great but i will just go with the haf
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