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All computer specs are listed below, im wondering why Im getting lag even on my good computer. What is limiting me? I use fraps and basically im wondering about MW2. I get about 90 FPS everything max 1080p and ive tried almost all different settings on fraps. What am I doing wrong? im assuming its not my graphics card, do i need another HD? The FPS counter shows like is able to generally stay at the recording fps but it still feels laggy even at 45-60 fps. Thanks for the help
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    I use FRAPS on a similarly spec'd PC and employ a second HDD for the recorded files to write to. If I try to write to the same HDD where my OS lives, I get the same problem you are having. Short answer = a 2nd HDD is necessary for smooth FRAPS performance.
  2. good call. HDD's are dirt cheap too.
  3. Ok, so if i just got say another 250 gb hd could I raid 0 it with my current 1tb to increase performance on both and record to the smaller one or would the raid not work like that?
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  5. Thanks, i just got another 320gb hard drive and now i can record at a perfect 60fps the whole time. Awesome
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