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Hey guys got a question

I just recently bought a laptop from my local store called Harvey Norman

Now im fairly computer smart

So when i was buying my laptop and signing papers for extra warranty a 2nd person try to sell me a adapter power surge thing of some sort i was not sure what it was but he goes you should buy this as well i ask him what it was

and he said it gives clean power to the laptop and it helps with battery life i was like no this must be some sort of gimmick of a sort not sure but i declined anyways as i said no he told me with out this your battery will soon die its number 1 killer for laptop battery is not having clean power

so im not sure what it was but it was blue and look like a power surge protector
\anyone got idea what hell this dude was trying to sell me?
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  1. Surge protector (Ok, I have them for all of my electronic stuff).

    Clean power? I think they mean a regulated voltage power supply. I didn't really give much thought to that and I didn't even check until you mention it. When I check them, I couldn't find out whether they are regulated or not. But I don't think you really need it. Laptop now days is more of a buy with the best performance per dollar and hope for it to not die before warranty and throw away and replace after warranty expire item.

    Also may I ask how much you pay for your laptop and what is the exact model of the laptop? Harvey Norman has a reputation for their "upmarket" price"
  2. And if 'your battery will soon die' you make use of that damn warranty you just signed for lol
    scheister salemen grrr...
  3. ^agree. Tell you to sign extended warranty and also selling you all of those device for "safety" measures. Overkill! Get one or the other if the standard stuff can't keep your paranoia down.
  4. acer 5750g paid $651+80 for 3 years warranty they try sell it to me for $865
  5. acer 5750g with the i7 and GT540m or the i5 and GT520m?
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