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I own a Asus G73jh laptop that I bought in June of 2010. Tuesday morning, I attempted to turn it on, the hard drive spun up and continued to spin with no other actions on the screen. Typically upon proper start up, the backlight of the keyboard turns on before the BIOS splash appears on the screen. Even this failed with this current problem. When I began troubleshooting, I feared it was the hard drive first so I removed the hard drive and turned on the computer. It then reverted to normal, posted and then displayed "No bootable drive available" message. I then inserted a Linux bootable disc which worked fine. At this point I decided it was a hard drive issue and bought a similar hard drive of the same make, and model except for a bit bigger and a SSD-Hybrid drive. After installing the new drive and reinstalling everything on the second drive, everything seemed to work. It is now Thursday morning and the same problem arose with the brand new drive. To eliminate the hard drive being the issue, I then started to remove and switch out the RAM to troubleshoot a single failed RAM module to no avail. After removing RAM, having no RAM altogether, or 1 in at a time, the issue did not change. Then I turned my attention back to the motherboard. I removed the new hard drive and installed the older hard drive into the second SATA hard drive module in the laptop. It then started up without a hitch. Is it likely that it is just a prematurely bad SATA port, or could it be a BIOS issue where I should flash and update it? Since purchase I have not updated the BIOS because when it came to the BIOS, I always took a "If its not broke, don't fix it." approach.

Should I just use the second module, or continue delving into the motherboard looking for other issues or has anyone experienced something like this before?

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  1. you should contact asus customer service, they might replace your motherboard
  2. Called tech support, they naturally said it was out of warranty and did not have any advice on how to resolve this issue. But currently, what I was able to do was put the new hard drive in the second hard drive module and it started up. Is there a way to repair a module like that?
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