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Why can't the originator provide a best answer?

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August 8, 2009 8:16:04 AM


When an expert poses a question, it's quite likely that no other member will be able to answer it, either. Oh, someone might - which is why the expert asks the question. But the odds are that they won't.

The replies from others will be the usual, well-intentioned, RTM and perhaps the odd interesting suggestion, that turned out to be not relevant. Plus the other answers, best not mentioned.

If the answer is then found, the most likely to find the solution is the expert posing the question. They will have done other research, off group. Perhaps hours and days of it. Eventually, they do find a solution. They give it, for the benefit of others that may encounter the same problem, by way of a reply to their own post.

For anyone with the same problem, the "best answer" is going to be that solution. Not the RTM or the interesting but irrelevant suggestions.

So, there does need to be a way for the expert to mark his own solution as being the "best answer".

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August 8, 2009 8:59:04 AM

There is, he says, nevermind found it, and then goes on and explains his findings.
Ummm, think of the hole in this proposal. People would all be experts, wouldnt they? If they just wanted the points?
August 8, 2009 9:18:04 AM

Sorry, I am new to this forum, but are these "points" worth anything?
Are they worth enough to bother artificially enhancing your own?

If they are, then the answer is simple - the system could allow an originator can mark his own solution as being the "best answer" - but not get any points as a result.

Personally, I'd rather have a "most helpful poster" button, too. That would, rightly, ensure that those that do put a lot of effort into trying to help, get the credit they deserve.

However, this forum instead has a "best answer" button - which presumably means the answer which best provides the solution to the problem posed. I assume that it is there to allow someone with the same problem to rapidly find the solution. Without having to read through the other, often excellent, suggestions that turned out not to be relevant.

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August 8, 2009 9:46:18 AM

True, but finding the 1 answer is best. Often youll find a problem is created by a certain number of things, like overheating. Is it dust? Is your hsf properly mounted? Is it an over clock? Poor ventilation? Underpowered psu? It could be any of these things, and sometimes, theres only 1 right answer, with no other possibilities.
So, theres always 1 right answer to the question, tho there may be many solutions to a problem
August 8, 2009 6:33:38 PM

Its a shame there cant be some way to have the forum search a data base and provide the best answer when someone posts a question so that there would be less answering of the same questions.
Now that would be a useful feature.

Oddly I have recently been voted best answer twice in the last couple of weeks as per the email that I asked not to receive. I went into the forum and couldnt find it anywhere near the top and had to search for it.
Im still not sure what they are trying to accomplish with the new setup other than getting new people to answer the most simple of questions or someone please go to a web site and find what I cant bother to look for.

As for the points It used to point to someone who had been here for a long time and was probably (possibly) someone who knew a fair amount.
Now a new poster can ask 2 questions and possibly end up with more points than I have by answering several.
August 14, 2009 11:49:44 AM

Hey eric_s, I totally understand what you're talking about, but like you said, allowing someone to mark their own answer as the best would open the points system to abuse.

There are no clear plans yet pat, but Tom's created the points system to reward meaningful participation—providing an incentive for quality aside from the quantity incentive (rank names). I'll share updates as things become clear. For now I won't try speculating on what the points are for, as that may lead to expectations that will be frustrated down the road.

Are you talking about searches that zero in on posts that have been marked as the best answer? That sounds like a good suggestion actually, and I'll make sure BoM knows about it.
August 15, 2009 2:19:16 PM

Yeah I was.
Its getting frustrating answering the exact same questions over and over.
I have a request in to Justin for a sticky but I guess randomizer handles that.
Im sure he will see it and take care of it.
The sticky is a set of links to trouble shoot Vista and W7 so people can at least give relevent info to their problem.
October 3, 2009 9:35:31 PM

Yes I was wondering myself why I keep getting emails to pick the best answer
and why can't I pick my own answer or at least have an option on my profile to turn off the best answer notification
I tried to reply to that notification but that was undeliverable I also was looking for someone on this website to contact about that but it doesn't exist Looks like we have to figure this out ourself
Also if I provide more detail then I get 2 notices at a time
I was here about a year or so ago and I did not have this notification before
I am not sure what this supposed to do Are people that desperate and have nothing else to do but post questions and answer them to get points ?

Just a quick note to eric_s :p eople don't have to be experts to ask a question that no one here can answer. Sometime there are no obvious answers Personally I do agree that I only come here to ask a question when I can't find the answer anywhere else and after I posted the question I still keep looking elsewhere and experimenting to find a solution

Maybe we should have a vote on weather this "best answer" notification is a good idea. Who knows maybe with enough votes someone here might notice and do something about it

October 3, 2009 9:59:14 PM

Speaking of that. I just found a way to do that. I clicked on the feedback and I just made a suggestion so anyone who is not happy with the "Best answer" feature can click on feedback and place your vote if you agree and also leave your own comment on what to do about it
October 20, 2009 2:38:41 AM

Wouldnt that defeat the purpose of asking an innocent question in the first place? Why are you just looking for useless points for your profile so that you can answer your own questions that you already know the answer to? Comon man, fair is fair and dumb is dumb....