CMOS Checksum Bad. What is the problem?

Ok so my computer went from crashing and screen freezing to not turning on. It turned on but screen would not come on. Changed cards, reset cmos, checked power supply everything ok.

So i went to take out processor to see if it was fried. Everything looked ok. Put it back in start the comp and bam it turned on. But first screen says CMOS Checksum Bad Over clocking failed...

I know i can press f2 and load default values and continue but i don't want this problem again. Does this usually mean i need to replace the mobo battery?

If so can i buy this battery at like bestbuy? Does each mobo require a specific one?
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  1. it just a warning that something locked up your mb. all you need do is save the factory default and you be fine. if you want to repalce the battery you can it a standard battery that any battry shop will have. the issue is not snapping the cmos battery clip if you snap it off the mb then you have to replace the motherboard. most batteries good for the live of the mb. they need to be repalced when the data and time is not holding.
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