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Hi I have the following set up in my system. I have installed GTA 4. The game runs well, but once i pause the game and return back, there is problem with the graphics. is there a version of GTA 4 where I can run the game decently, without going for a nvidia graphics card. Or should I have to do something with the exe file, through which I can play it with the current configuration.

Windows 7 Ultimate - 64 Bit
Quad Core
Intel 67 BL Motherboard
Inbuilt Intel Graphics 1.67 GB
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  1. Theres no way you can even run gta 4 without a video card.That game actually eats up 1600mb of 1.8 gb vram of my gtx 275.I am surprised you are even reaching the menu with that game :o
  2. I'm guessing you have either an i5 2500 (a 2500k would be a waste with an h67 board) or a dual core i3 which you are mistaking for a quad core because it's hyper threaded and you are using the onboard graphics. Now the integrated GPU inside Sandy Bridge is alot better than what was in previous generations, but it's still slower then even a low end GT 240 and has all the fun intel driver problems. If you want to play GTA 4 on something other than the lowest settings (which I'm guessing you use now) you need to get a decent GPU. If you don't want to spend that much, go to Gamestop and get a used xbox :D
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