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Replacing AMD II X4 620 ...AMD 965 no longer made???

I'm going to replace my AMD II X4 620 processor and the chart listed in the link below shows the 965 black edition as a possible upgrade replacement, but they no longer make the 965.

I know i can still find the 965 online but I'd like to goto microcenter and just pick up a processor and have it right away instead of waiting.

Microcenter no longer carries the 965, they said the 970 was the replacement, but it doesn't look like that will work with my PC (HP p6270z), mobo: AMD RS780/RS880 ALOE, 8GB ram 1066mhz, ATI Radeon HD4300/4500 series?

Can i use the X4 970?

thanks for your help
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    It can handle 125w processors.

    So any 125w Phenom II should work on there.
  2. Hi deadjon,

    So i can disregard what HP says are my hardware options?

    Athlonll X4 620 (P)
    Athlonll X4 630 (P)
    Phenom II X4-820 (D)
    Phenom II X4-925 (D)
    Phenom II X4-945 (D)
    Phenom II X4-955 (D)
    Phenom II X4-965 (D)
  3. In short, yes.
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