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Is my GFX card fried?? (Karma is a @#$%&)

My story is below the screens. Please read it and PLEASE help me, I'm desperate bc I have no way to buy a new card for the foreseeable future :(.

I was playing New Vegas and my screen froze up and had a bunch of green triangles.

After a hard restart everything seemed fine. So I played a different game and 5 min into it the same thing happen. Another restart, start up game, almost instant freeze after loading into game play.

I installed the BF3 alpha today and was playing earlier with no problems but I thought maybe that was causing the problem so I uninstalled that and did a clean install on the video drivers.

This time on the restart there are crazy symbols and letters all over the boot screens, but the screens themselves are normal. Windows doesn't recognize my gfx card and I have dots all over everything(see screens).

I took the card out and inspected it closely and gave it a good sniffing for that classic burnt electronics smell, but everything looks and smells brand new. So I hit it with the air duster(wasn't very dusty but why not right?) and put it back it. Start it up and same as before, crazy letters and symbols mixed with dots all over the place in the boot screens, just the dots in windows.

Please someone tell me this can be fixed and I don't need a new gfx card. I just spent a ton of money in May on a serious cpu/ram/mobo upgrade and was so happy I didn't have to put a gfx card in the budget cuz my $600 8800gtx from 4 years ago still performs good enough for me.

PS. Normal windows tasks have been working just fine the entire time(well except for the terrible resolution and lines of dots all over everything I have now.
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  1. hmm., can be a heat issue, have you overclocked it.if not it can be a mobo issue.
  2. I never overclocked it... it had a small factory oc... it's an XFX 8800 gtx extreme edition.

    I just got a new mobo, cpu and ram in mid May and have not had any problems before now. I'm going to try a dif pci16 slot, and gonna try to get my hands on another gfx card to test in my machine. Or maybe I can find another pc to stick my card into and see what happens.
  3. Quote:
    Yea, a card that old, GPu could be dying.
    It;s showing it's age............
    and at USD200 rite now, u can easily get a HD6870 that will more than smoke 8800GTX in SLI, and one more thing: for USD100 u can already get a HD5770 that outperforms that old thing.

    Damn, I'm starting to think BF3 pushed it over the edge or something, lol... I only played it for like an hour!! ;)

    PS> Do you guys see the blue/yellow dots on the screenshots? I can't tell cuz they are always on my screen, lol.
  4. After a second look, yes. Either that or I am seeing the dust on my screen. :)

    It looks like your card is working mostly OK until you put a 3D gaming load on it.

    You can try a different PCIeX16 slot. Won't hurt to try and it won't cost anything.
  5. XFX has a lifetime warranty did you register the card?

    Go through the support with XFX and register it if you haven't, I have worked with them and they had great tech support when I went through them.

    They may replace your card with an AMD card.
  6. Sigh... so I left the computer off for about 5 hrs last night... when I turned on the comp it still had the same crap on the boot screens, but when windows acutaly loaded everthing went back to normal.

    ps> the screen shots do not show what im talking about with the lines of dots, pretty much means it's in the card.

    Update... okay now it's again, immediately after loading into game-play on LoL. Also I can't seem to register on the XFX site for some reason.. I'm ready to give up, lol.
  7. From support :
    Hello Jason, I`m sorry to hear this has happened. Unfortunately artifacts and graphical errors at the post screens indicate the card is no longer functioning properly at the hardware level. This cannot be fixed. I`ve checked your warranty status and this cards 2 year warranty has expired. Please let us know if you have any other questions. William.


    So... I've already had a few suggestions on a new card... anyone else? I ran some numbers and I think I can come up with around $300... guess its time to check out the articles. :(
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    you can go with a gtx 570 for 300$
  9. Agreed.
  10. Ok so I checked out the July Best Cards for the money article... It recommends 2 460's instead of a single 570 and the price is about the same. And what about 2 560's instead? The nvidia website says my PSU will work for 2 460's but says nothing about the 560's.

    I honestly have no idea what to get, I have one friend telling me the 560 ti is the way to go, and I have no idea what the difference is other than the ti is more expensive and not mentioned at all in the July article.

    First of all I love to crank up the AA so that makes me lean toward the SLI setup, however my current set up I use my 1650 monitor for most games and i use my 1920 tv for watching movies and playing games that lend themselves to a 360 game-pad. My single 8800 would play a game on the monitor and a movie on the tv at the same time with no problem so that makes me think for my needs SLI would be overkill.

    Basically, I'm the kind of person who doesn't mind spending the money if it's worth it in terms of quality, performance, or "future proof". I paid $600 for my 8800 and feel it was worth it considering until yesterday it still played all the newest games with pretty high settings.

    Thought? Advice? Shut up and by a 570?
  11. Do it.
  12. ubercake said:
    Do it.

    Lol, you mean get the 570?

    Nice rig btw...
  13. NMD said:
    Lol, you mean get the 570?

    Nice rig btw...

    Thanks. And yes. Get the 570. It's a great card.
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