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Cpu bottleneck?

Today i buy a modern warfare 3. And fps is so low min 5 max 20 with everything low mid. I dont know why my fps low. I think its cpu bottleneck. Or something? After installed game i did defragment. My system :intel pentium d dual core 3ghz, 4gb ddr2, 800w thermaltake psu, geforce 9600gt 1gb (max oclocked) and windows 7 home premium 64bit
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  1. Yep time for a new system if you want to play the new games! Here are the system req. for MW3

    can your motherboard support core 2 duo?
  3. Yes can support
  4. Or maybe i should try overclock my cpu? My cpu can reach 4.3ghz for no heat
  5. I'd say get a core 2 duo then OC it. Pentium Ds don't scale well with OC because of the front side and won't still give lower performance than a 2 ghz c2d.
  6. I have another not used new intel dual core (not pentium d) and its 1.6ghz. How about that. Its better than my pd?
  7. its better, try to OC that. if it hits 2 ghz you should be able to play
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    im guessing you are refering to the e2140, if so then yes, it is better, and you wont have to pretend you are cooling a nuclear reactor anymore
  9. Tnx for all reply and my ram is enougn for gaming?
  10. Tnx for all reply. Now i changed my cpu to dual core and my fps 40-65 without oc. My ram is enougn for modern gaming?
  11. yes your ram is enough
  12. Tnx for all reply
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