Possible hardware issue?

I built a new rig for Christmas.

i7 2600k
SLI GTX 560ti
16gigs 1866 ram
AsRock z68 extreme4 Gen mobo

I've been testing in swtor mostly since its not too graphically intense compared to BF3, maybe I should test in that though.

My FPS drops all the way to 3-5 in some areas while just running around the game. There could be 0 people around. When trying to alt tab out of all games, or exiting games, it seems to be incredibly laggy. It takes an excessive amount of time for my computer to "catch up" in a sense so I can actually do something else while a game is running.

I just purchased the GPUs yesterday, and this same problem was happening on my radeon hd 570, not a great card by any means but my old cpu I had wouldn't lag like this when alt tabbing between programs, so I am thinking its not the GPUs. I've tested both sets of RAM individually, thinking maybe one set was bad and it somehow messing up the other, but no luck. I've ran prime95 for 20-25 minutes and no overheating occurred. Although while running prime95 it was difficult to do anything else on my comp, was too laggy and things dragged along.

I don't know how else to really describe it other than that. Having someone who knew more physically see what was happening would be way more beneficial but maybe someone has some ideas. What are the chances that both sets of ram I ordered are defective?

Could my HDD be causing this issue? Is there a way to test this? Any help would be appreciated
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  1. Take one card out. Maybe SLi is causing problems. Sounds really weird though. Besides that, I don't know.
  2. Have you installed the latest drivers and SLI profiles from nVidia?
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