hello, i was wondering if these two were compatible



...with A10-5800K APU

i understand processor for now only supports 1866 mhz
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  1. Yes, faster RAM will just default to the slower speed. But why spend so much for faster RAM you can't use at full speed?
  2. MB features 2133, maybe next generation of APU will support it, socket will be the same and will upgrade only cpu
  3. I have the motherboard with 8GB G.Skill 2133Mhz RAM. It works fine at 2133Mhz even though the motherboard will default it to 1600Mhz.

    I can overclock it further to 2239Mhz without changing the voltage.
  4. I have 2133 gskill ram with same board and cpu as well but I couldnt go past 2133 without pushing the voltage alot and I also ended up backing off on the speed from 2133 to about 2090 after a couple weeks. During gaming sessions I would get errors. Its hard to say whether it was a limitation of the ram or the cpu....Andre can you post your ram voltage and timings?
  5. My RAM default XMP profile is :
    11-11-11-30 1.6V

    I was also able to push it up to 2400Mhz with slacked timings 12-12-12-32, but it wasn`t always very stable. Mind you the system felt a lot more responsive, especially with the NB frequency up to 2200Mhz.
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