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I have been looking for a new computer to play most modern games (Metro, Crysis, Civ V, Battlefield), at playable frame frame rates. I would like it to be very upgradable and future proof, so I came up with the following for build:

Rosewill Thor v2

Intel i5-2500k

SeaSonic 620W (Modular)


G-Skill Ripjaws 2x4gb

XFX 6950 2gb, dual fan version

CPU Fan:
Thermaltake Frio

I would like to get everything from newegg.ca, and it should be $1050 before tax and shipping ($1250 after tax). I could go another 5-10%, but unless it is a big difference I don't want to spend the extra cash. I know that the HAF 932 would be a better case, but I like the Thor athletically. Also, the reason I have chosen that motherboard is because there is room for another 1 or 2 6950's, and is pcie 3.0 (when the ivy-bridge cpu's come out). So If you have any suggestions, please don't hesitate.

Thanks, Dokod
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  1. Hi there!

    Good build! I like it. There's a few changes I'd like to suggest, however.

    First, don't TRY to buy from newegg.ca! The shipping alone makes it not worth it. Look at these sites instead, they offer free shipping on almost everything.


    All are excellent sites, and will give you much better rates on shipping. (i'm going to list stuff on newegg, it's your job to seek it out on other sites :p)

    First things first! The case.
    While it may look pretty, it's not a good buy. A lot of money for not much product. There's a multitude of cases out there, but this would be my recommendation when it comes to bang for buck: http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811108395&Tpk=in-win%20buc as it's quite well reviewed. Anandtech loves it.

    The motherboard.
    Expensive for what you get. Better Gen3 options, cheaper ones.
    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813157271 Much cheaper, pretty much just as good. All the same core features, including 8x 8x lanes, which is best for multi card setups.

    PSU. While it's an excellent PSU, it's also quite expensive. But first, do you really want the modular cables? Or will you be fine with tucking away cables? The non-modular PSU's are much cheaper.

    Last, CPU cooler. The Frio was designed with hot processors in mind. It cools the processor, that's for sure. But reviews also say it sounds like a jet engine, which is not exactly ideal.

    Check out this cooler instead: http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835103065 Cheaper, and will get your 2500k to 4.5GHz+ with no problems.

    Well, that's all i got for now! (btw buy that ram right now, it's a steal)
  2. The case that you listed is by all means, REPULSIVE. I would like to put some money into the case because thats what my friends see, they dont care about whats inside (This might sound shallow, but its true). The case that looks similar is the Raven series, and they are quite expensive. I like the red and black theme for my case, maybe the Thermaltke element g is a better choice. The motherboard you showed is very nice, I think that will be the one I go with. If I got that cooler and Mobo, It would mean I could get an i7 2600k, is it worth it? Or where should I put the other money?
  3. I think I should get a power supply that can have the 6950's in crossfire, so I dont end up spending $100 on a psu that I am only using for a few months.

    I am now going with the Corsair Special Edition White Graphite series 600T, unless somebody has owned one and says it self-destructs (or brings up a legit reason not to).
  4. Does anyone know where I can get the NZXT Phantom white and red in Canada (or if I can) ?
  5. http://ncix.ca/products/?sku=60725&vpn=PHAN003RD&manufacture=NZXT :) I did mean it when I say to check those sites. They are quite good.

    I don't really think the 2600k is worth it, as it's almost exactly the same as the 2500k, with the exception of HyperThreading.

    For a PSU, I wouldn't run 2 6950's on a 650w PSU. Yes it can be done, but there's better, cheaper options available.

    Let me know what ya think ;)
  6. This is a very similar system to what i am building. Any idea how this would run BF3? Ultra graphics? High?
  7. I would get a 750W psu to cope with oc'ing and the multiple cards. The ram just went off sale, oh well. BTW, once I get both cards this thing could run anything at max. I cant wait!!!
  8. A 750w PSU would be wise. Antec, Seasonic, XFX, FSP, and Corsair are all excellent. You can choose whether modular is worth it to you.
  9. I was thinking a Silverstone 750W modular. All the reviews sound good, long lasting and no problems.
  10. I think I should get a non modular corsair 750W and 570's instead of 6950's.
  11. Well, it's all about the budget.

    Personally, I would go with 6950's. They give more bang for buck than 570's, and are quite a bit cheaper.

    While not as powerful, the 6950's should really be compared to GTX 560 Ti's. 560 Ti's can overclock much higher than 6950's, but the 6950's perform better at stock.
  12. Yes but what if I don't get another graphics card for 1 maybe 2 years? From what I hear, the 6950's can play most games with the exception of Crysis and metro. While the 570's can play them with no problem. I need a card that can play all modern games now without a hitch. Im not saying that the 6950 isn't my preference because of price, but I also have heard there are problems with crossfire. But once I get in that price range, I could just go for a 6970. Not sure what to pick???
  13. I would get a pair of 6950's. They can handle about any game out there. Take a look at this benchy: http://www.anandtech.com/bench/Product/298?vs=299 they handle every game just fine.
  14. Fair enough, but that's crossfire. I would like something that gets me going right away, not something that might not happen. I would like to know that if I got rid of my cooler, The Dark Knight, and cut some costs around the board and got a 580, if it is worth it. Will an i5 slow games down without it overclocked, games like civ5 and sims which use a ton of cpu and not as much gpu?
  15. If I dont get a cpu cooler and a "worse" case, maybe a storm sniper of 932, I can get two 6950's right off the bat and then get a really nicer cooler a couple months later. I think that is a great idea, which gives AWESOME fps and will last a long time.
  16. That sounds like a good plan to me.
  17. My only worries are that crossfiring them will cause studding as many people have had. If I did get 2 6950's right off the bat, there would be no room to upgrade, how long would they last playing games at highest quality? With two 6950's I could get two 1 gb versions to save money, right?
  18. dokod said:
    My only worries are that crossfiring them will cause studding as many people have had. If I did get 2 6950's right off the bat, there would be no room to upgrade, how long would they last playing games at highest quality? With two 6950's I could get two 1 gb versions to save money, right?

    Micro-stutter is over rated. They made a big deal about it in the last review, but it's very hard to see really. Even so, It's much more common in lower end cards than higher end ones I believe.

    And whatever, 1GB or 2GB. If you plan on going multi-screen, 2GB for sure.
  19. Thanks for all your help Striker410, it is very much appreciated. If there are any other problems I am overlooking, do tell.

    Thanks again, Dokod
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