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So I have an Asrock Z77 Extreme4 and I have it plugged into a guitar amp and I noticed that whenever I boot the computer I can hear a static sound coming from the audio ports (both onboard and the ones on the case that are hooked up to the motherboard). I can hear that static sound while my computer's on. I hooked up my amp to my roommate's computer and I hear nothing of the sort.

Whenever I try running a game, I can hear a really bad whining sound which is extremely bad when I plug it into the amp. Here's a youtube video of it:

It's still being processed but here's the link

So I'm pretty sure it's my motherboard because it's a static sound I hear even right now while I'm typing this post up. I just wanted to see if anyone else has the same issue.


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  1. Guitar amps are designed to take signals from guitars which have different output signals than your PC does. The gain on your PC is probably much higher (or lower, I can't remember which). I would get a set of powered speakers designed for computer use (or a stereo amplifier/receiver with passive speakers).
  2. i only used the guitar amp to make it so that my phone can pick up the sound i plugged the amp into my friend's desktop (literally like 3 feet away from my own computer) and did not get any static what so ever
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