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Sabertooth X79 and Win 7 Pro Memory compatabilities

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October 19, 2012 2:46:08 AM

I really did not know if to post this in questions or discussions:

So, therefore, here is some info that I have come to and trying to find answers and discussion.

According to the Sabertooth X79 manual, this board supports 1600 up to 1866. They say that if you were to put 1866, that the CPU would automatically adjust everything to 1600 anyway. Then I read that Windows Home only goes up to 16G of mem (if I remember) and then if you want up to 194G (!!!) then you need to run Win 7 premium, pro, or ultimate. So, it seems that Windows obviously plays into this as well.

Ok, so, if I am not mistaken, you have your memory of choice installed albeit you have the recommended installed. Then you boot post to the BIOS and at this point is my question. If I were to have lets say 1866 @ 32G, then what is the BIOS going to say? Is it going to say that I have only 1600 installed? Therefore then, I should install the OS and then let the OS bump it up to 1866. So, the OS (system) says that I have 1866 but the BIOS has 1600. The AI tweaker is only available "after" you install an OS. Is this correct? So then how can you OC your MEM under these conditions?

Does any of this make any sense? I would appreciate some help here before I haul off and buy the Sabertooth X79. I was looking into Corsair until I read that someone had problems with the Saber not recognizing any of this and they had to download the latest BIOS.

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October 19, 2012 3:03:12 AM

So are you saying that your memory is not working at all? If you want 32GB you need to have Windows 7 Pro at least. You can always change the memory speed in the BIOS after you get the OS installed. The OS will know what the BIOS knows and that is the speed that the BIOS is set at. Hope any of that helps.
October 19, 2012 1:53:36 PM

Hi maestro - thanks for the reply. Actually I am doing research on my next build. I did not want to have an Uh - oh moment with the memory purchase.
1) I would like to have at least 32Gb of Mem.
2) does it matter if it is 1600 or 1866?
3) I read that the Sabertooth for Intel only recognizes 1600 no matter what mem speed you use.
4) When I install the CPU with the 1866 32G Mem (with Power), then POST, what is the BIOS going to report? Is it going to say 1600 @ 32G or 1800 @ 32G ?

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October 19, 2012 6:40:30 PM

I went back and re read some things except this time in another ASUS MB. It was the R6X79 and I think I have at least answered one of my own questions. I see that the BIOS allows you to make adjustments to the RAM (XMP) before any OS is installed. This way, you can tweak to get the speed that matches the Memory that you bought.
Or at least this is the way I perceive it.
Also, thanks for the links - much appreciated !