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Hey PC builders,

I've been looking for a new case of late, I'm gonna try to describe the dream case.

I really like Lian Li cases like the PC-A77F, I like their designs and the locking mechanism for video cards, I like the sleek look with the aluminum and the good airflow. The simple front panel design with the plethora of 5.25 inch bays is attractive to me. I really would like a case with a black painted interior, a similar locking system for the pci slots.

I've also been looking at Silverstone's Fortress FT02B-W and Raven RV01-BW, I again love the exterior styling. I like the motherboard rotation in the Fortress and the looks of the Raven RV01-BW are spectacular with the sliding front panel. Good airflow is something these all seem to have in common and that's really important along with quietness. The real dream case would be the Silverstone Temjin Series TJ11B-W but it's way out of my price range. I'm not a liquid cooler fan, although I think the H100 from Corsair is something I will be getting with a new case so fitting that in is also on the list. Some of the Silverstone cases have a window on the right side, I like that.

Corsair cases are pretty, I like the styling of the white 500R and the 800D is a seemingly excellent case as well. I would like the 500R with a window... The 800D is a dream case but I'm not a huge fan of the flat front panel, its a bit ugly. The 800D does boast most of the things I want in a case.

So the wish list is something like this -

Durable construction
Quality build materials (not plastic, meaning I would like it to be steel or aluminum)
Black painted interior
Motherboard back plate cutout
Removable motherboard tray
Case window
Excellent Airflow
Quiet stock cooling
Solid locking mechanisms (if it is primarily tool less, I'd like it to be good but I don't really have a preference tool less or not)
Removable filters
Simple styling, tasteful lines, color fans are fine
Modular design
Full tower case

Optional but desired:
Support for Corsair H100 pre-assembled CPU liquid cooler (Any of the Silverstone cases?)
Right panel side window
Large motherboard support
90 degree motherboard rotation (as in Silverstone products)

Exterior color may be silver/white or black/dark gray
The main thing driving me away from Lian Li cases is the unpainted interior, I don't want to paint my case

The case line up -

Lian Li PC-A77F
Silverstone Fortress FT02B-W
Silverstone Raven RV01-BW
Silverstone Temjin TJ11B-W
Corsair 800D

Also if anybody could possibly point me to a case modding company's website that sells modded cases, for example like the Lian Li PC-A77F with a black interior that would be spectacular.

As far as a power supply goes I'm wondering what is future proof for crossfire/SLI and whether I should go for gold certified or not. Recommendations appreciated, I haven't really taken a look.

Ideas, suggestions and opinions all appreciated!
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  1. Well i have the Antec 1200 as a suggestion, the fans are all turned to their low position, very quiet indeed.
    It can be a little fiddly though. You have your hard drive bays at the front, there are a total of 3 that have 3 slots in each for a total of 9 hard drives or any other type of drive that'll fit :)
    However, each of these have 8 thumb-screws (4 on each side) making a total of 24 screws that you need to take out to get to the filters so fater faffing on, i only put on screw in each housing just to hold it in place, which works just as good :)
    I dont quite agree with it's side fan but that just my opinion to it.
    With all of the space you get inside you can fit any card in and any fan operated CPU cooler you can find.
    Depending on how mad about watercooling you are, you can tidily fit one 240 radiator inside without being able to see it, or 2 with an external one at the back as well.
    The side panels are easy to remove with 2 thumbscrews for each side, cable management is a little tricky but if you squeez the motherboard power cable between the back panel and the motherboard its all good.
    As for the access panel for the motherboard's mounting piece, i would honestly suggest making it bigger if you have a saw, but im usin an asus croshair formula V, i have no idea what it's like with other motherboards :)

    Just remember you can always edit them easily, a saw and piece of acrylik go a very long way :P
    Also take note as to what you plan on doing, if it is watercooling, then try and plan quickly which would be best for the bigger radiators, and where you would put them :)
    All the best :)
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