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Hi there
My computer just started having problems today, completely out of the blue. It seems to just shut down randomly when I'm working on it.
I assumed that this was some kind of overheating issue and so I opened it up and had a look inside to find any potential heat issues. I didn't notice much at first, other than the fact that the PSU fan was much louder than it normally is (it has been getting louder over the last 2 weeks). I felt the air coming out and it wasn't hot at all, but it was spinning much faster than it needed.
I also noticed that the South Bridge of the Motherboard was pretty hot, but not untouchable.
I put it all together again and then it worked fine for about an hour. I was doing some work on it and then it shut down again. Turned it on again and PSU fan was louder and SB was hotter. This definitely sees to be some kind of heat issue, but not sure why the PSU fan is getting louder.
I've now tried it in multiple configurations and still get the same issues. Sometimes it puts the computer to sleep and sometimes it shuts it down. Sometimes it lasts for 20-30 mins and sometimes for a minute or two.

My full specs are:
* Asus P8Z68-V Pro
* 16GB Corsair RAM
* Corsair TX750 PSU (which I think is the culprit)
* 120GB SSD, 1TB HDD
* XFX Radeon 6950

Is this kind of issue possibly from the PSU or is it from the Motherboard?
Really would love some help diagnosing this issue as I need my Desktop for work pretty badly.

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  1. Use speedfan and check all of your temps. What case and fan orientation do you have? The cooling may not be sufficient and the psu could be working too hard to remove all that heat. I have that same psu and like it as it has never given me issues, but I have switched to Seasonic for the workstations I sell. They are quieter and more reliable.
  2. I noticed you didn't list your processor. Is ANYTHING in your computer Overclocked?
  3. All the temperatures are nice and cool, nothing on Speed Fan is showing up as too hot.
    So it definitely seems related to the SB temp as I've noticed that the hotter it gets, the more it occurs.
    Sorry, it's an i5-2500K.
    No, nothing is Overclocked.

    The PSU fan is definitely running a lot louder (spinning faster) than it used to.
  4. I had it running again now. Ran fine for about 20 minutes. Then it went to sleep and came to life on its own. Then ran fine for 1 mins. Then slept and woke up. Then for 1 min, then slept and woke up.
    Now it shuts down completely and then powers up again.
    This is soooo weird.
  5. Any ideas? Is there something I can try to eliminate an issue? Is there someplace I could take it where they could check it out?
  6. If I run the PSU with the paper clip method, it seems to run fine - the PSU doesn't drop or anything. Does this mean it's the motherboard? Or could it just be that the PSU gives up under some kind of load?
  7. I have an ASUS P8Z68-V with an i5 and the same memory too. Same problems. Random shut downs with no warning. Sometimes accompanied by a loud stutter as the sound card hangs and gives me about 500 versions of the last sample it was processing, then blue-screen. Sometimes just straight to black, no blue screen.

    I've already swapped out the power supply, updated all drivers, checked that temps are all normal, etc.

    Any help would really be appreciated on this issue.
  8. Try reflashing your bios from asus ez flash. Dont use any windows applications for it.
    I know it sounds strange buty i had exactly same problem as You and it helped me.
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