Can I replace a Pentium 4 520 into a Pentuim D 945 with same Socket?

Hi! Sorry for the trouble brothers!

I already have an Intel Pentium 4 520 CPU,

which is too much slower to play new Games. But I cant afford much to change the total PC. So I decided to go for its MOBO's maximum CPU strength.
Which is the, Intel Pentium D 945

NOTE - Both are with same socket > PLGA775 question is, will this Pentium D CPU support my MOBO which already supports the above mentioned Pentium 4 CPU.
I've given the links for both the CPU's, so can anyone please :??: compare those and tell whether it will support my current MOBO?

Also...can anyone tell what are the Pros & Cons of Pentium D CPU's if you know?

Please ah? Thanks for replying + for taking time to read.... ;) TC
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  1. What is the motherboard? It all depends on if the BIOS supports it.
  2. Google your motherboard make and model number and look for a "cpu support" section. The 945 will run warmer than the 520, and may require a better heatsink.
  3. Pentium D's are hardly powerhouses but it should be noticably better than your P4. I have a 2,8 ghz P D, and it can run something like Fallout: New Vegas adequatly so you can do a bit of gaming on it. With a D 945 you could probably even play Skyrim fair enough (its stutters a bit on mine but it's still playable sort of)
  4. Traildriver ; Thanks! It says "Dell (Optiplex) GX280, 0Y6281 - Y6281 ". Can u checkout its BIOS for support?

    o1die ; Thanks 4 the tip...I already have this one, Would it be sufficient?

    grumbledook ; :) Thanks! I have an nVidia 9500GT with this, So how will my PC react to GTA IV with the new D-945?
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    You should monitor temps for the 945 if you are using a passive fan setup with plastic bevel on the rear of the case. Try coretemp, and see how close it is to your bios readings. Your setup should run ok until you change video cards; then you may want to get a better power supply, depending on what you have now.
  6. o1die ; Thank you very much bro!
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