Inspiron 15r 7520 Core i7, 4gb ram .... upgrade help?

I have ordered a Dell Inspiron 15r 7520 Core i7 4gb ram....i was planning on upgrading the ram if it went short while multitasking, so to upgrade which brand/model i should buy cause i don't know the stock ram's name or model?
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  1. It actually doesn't matter what RAM you get, as long as the motherboard supports the frequency, and there is open slots.
    From what I see here, it looks like its dual channel 1600MHz DDR3 RAM:
    Check to make sure you have enough upgrade slots and you can go with this RAM:
  2. If you ordered it straight from dell make sure there are no warranty issues with adding/replacing RAM, they might require you to buy from them or something.
  3. it already has 4 and I am planning to go 4 gbs more only, so is it worth it? I mean is 8 Gbs enough for MAYA 3D 2012, all new upcoming games, full hd movies and to handle loads of java and other language programming, and yes it has a ram slot available
  4. MAYA and Programming will benefit from more RAM, for your purposes I would want at least 8gb (now-a-days I want 8gb for almost any task lol).
  5. 8GB of RAM is nice and is the norm now, however, 4GB is enough for most programs, but as Chugot said, Maya benefits from extra RAM
  6. I have also purchased the same latop..And experienced that 4 gb ram is not sufficient for upcoming games..I am also interested to upgrade the ram to 8gb which will be enough....pls let me know if you got the best way to do so..
    Also at what price u have ordered this laptop ?
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