Need new parts to play bf3

First, apologies as I'm on my iPhone & I couldn't find the template to request a build. I'm looking to put a build together for about $400 including w7 if this is possible, so my stepson can play bf3.

His current spec is:
Athlon 4400+ skt 939
Asus a8n32slu platinum ( I think)
2 gb kvr
Xfx 5770 juniper
Windows xp

It's an ancient rig so at the least I know I need to replace the mobo, proc, & ram, and I think that'll pretty much be it to run bf3 and give him some upgrade paths in the future.

What I won't need (unless u guys tell me otherwise) are the following:

Monitor, he has a 19" LCD 1280x1020 res. which will suffice for him
Psu, I have a few antecs laying around, both are at least 600w
DVD burner
Video card, I have a spare 5770 that I plan to Xfire in his rig that should be enough to run bf3 @ his res. Correct me if in wrong here but I really don't think a card is in the budget right now.
Peripherals, a gaming mouse & kb would be nice but not right now
Sound card, there's a 2zs platinum creative audigy sc in it I think.

So, again, I think this leaves me with replacing the mobo CPU & ram.

I'd like to go with amd purely for budget, quad core a must.
A mobo that's got some form of upgradability (I learned my lesson with the 1156 platform) and the ram is cheap and plenty to choose from.

One thing that I have concerns with is the new bulldozer stuff. Id like to upgrade within the next few wks, but is bulldozer out now & are prices falling on phenoms? Is the next few wks a decent time to order for the budget build I'm looking for?

Thnx in advance.

Ps a new case would be nice to throw in the build but anything over $400 is really stretching the budget.
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  1. Forgot to add that I'll be ordering through newegg unless prices are cheaper elsewhere.
  2. My brother just got a ga-z68x-ud3h-b3 and an intel i5 2500k for 289.99 at microcenter as a bundle. and you can add gskill ripjaws 1600 8gb for an additional $35 at newegg... but that price is good for today only as it is a shell shocker deal (frontpage). i bought that ram on sale for $40. so an additional $25 isnt so much of a stretch but i couldn't be happier with the combo.... was able to easily overclock cpu to 4.5 ghz stable, and the ram up to 1866.... could probably push it higher but totally happy with the way it is. All of that was tested using prime 95 by the way (torture test). this setup will be more than fast enough for BF3 and i would think that xfire with those cards should be ok.

    oh sorry, by the way... was also an added $20 on an aftermarket cpu heatsink n fan (cooler master hyper 212+)
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    At this point and time. Wait for BD, it'll be cheap since AMD plans to lower the price way less, a FX-6xxx is expected to land in stores at about $190 maybe less. So yeah, wait on BD. If he can't... Oh BTW, Phenom prices will not fall. AMD has basically stated to the OEMs "Last call for Phenoms" on Q4 2011 they discontinue the lineup.

    955 + Patriot 8GB DDR3 1600 $161 ($15 MIR)
    Asrock Extreme4 970 $110
    Antec 650w $70 ($20 MIR)
  4. I forgot to mention that he doesn't need a hdd, he's got a 500 gb, but it's IDE. I don't see an IDE connection on the mobo you posted aznshinobi. I think i can squeeze an sata one in the budget. How do you think 2x5770 will work with bf3?
  5. Ahh... There isn't IDE on the board. But I would suggest dropping that board and getting this board to save about $18. That should be enough since the prior only totaled to $341. So that'll give you enough to squeeze something like this in.

    As for CF 5770. If drivers are as they should, then the 5770 CF should perform really well. My 5850 was struggling a bit at 1680x1050 max settings with no aa or motion blur but at your resolution and having basically a 5870 it'll do really well.
  6. Aznshinobi, is the socket AM3 the same as the AM3+. I'm assuming since AM3+ is newer, BD will be of the same skt type? I'm wondering because the mobo you linked is an AM3+ but the 955 is an AM3...
  7. You think they won't do very well at 1280x1020 resolution? It's not HD so I was thinking for this resolution, the 5770s wouldn't have any probs running the game. Your thoughts?
  8. Dude P07H3D you're flat out wrong.

    Strange the don't listen to that. The 5770 would be fine. They scale well and will equate to a 5870 at least. Clearly his drivers are bad or something because I'm running a single 5850 on High settings @ 1680x1050 and it's running perfectly fine.

    AM3+ supports AM3 chips, but not vice versa (Depends on motherboard).

    As for your res, the 5770 CF would handle it fine.
    5770 vs 5870
    This basically means the 5770 practically gets a 80-90% scaling in CF. That's really really good.
    Also, these are with the old drivers so the drivers have improved scaling. So just know that.
  9. ^ Hard to say, I hear a single 560 Ti OC'd just to 900mhz running 1920x1080 at Ultra fine but fine is different from person to person.

    Alright I do agree with the 5770 until he sees his actual performance, I did disagree with the statement that "The 5770s won't scale all that great and are going to get eaten for breakfast by BF3. " I say this because a 5870 wouldn't get eaten by BF3, I think running High is pretty much a good mark, it's hard to notice quality any higher than High, again just me.
  10. I've already got the 2nd 5770. I was running 2x5770 in my rig before upgrading and I only put 1 in my stepson's rig because the mobo wasn't xfire compatible *so one is just sitting on my desk*. Once I get the new parts, I'll put both in right out the gate. I appreciate all the feed back tho. I'm thinking of just getting an AM3+ board so long as a 955/965BE will work with it. Is RAM compatability really an issue with mobos nowadays? Should I confirm what RAM works with what manufacturer or is that pretty much a non-issue now?
  11. Not really, it's mostly a non-issue. I sure didn't buy one that MSI agreed with.
  12. 1 more question regarding the mobo you posted asnshinobi. Is the hyper 212 compatible with this mobo? I see it's AM3/AM2 etc but it doesn't say AM3+. Thanks.
  13. Yes it is.
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  15. Hate to re-hash a solved thread and I don't even know if this is appropriate, but rather than post a whole new thread, I'll just ask here:

    Now that BD is out and it appears to have lackluster improvements/performance, would a Phenom II still be the best budget oriented cpu to go for? I saw a deal on Tiger for a AMD 1035 + gygabyte mobo (don't remember the model) for $189 and that seems to be a great deal. What do you guys think?
  16. Yes, Umm I'd actually suggest this.
    Even though it's clocked less than a 955, you have the chance of unlocking 2 cores making it a 6-core chip plus you can always easily overclock it. Plus little tweaks to the Arch make the 960T a solid chip.
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