How to change CPU fan speed?

Yeah, so I have an Asrock Z77 Extreme4, and recently I noticed the CPU fan being very loud, despite it being rather quiet before. I have the stock i5 3550 fan by the way. So, after trying to configure some settings in the bios (I turned everything to 1) I noticed now, when my CPU hits around 40 degrees, it stops completely. When it goes to around 45 degrees celcius, it starts again, and tries to get it back to 40. I have no clue what I have done, as I hadn't changed any settings before it started getting loud. I also noticed a puff of dust coming out of the fan when it started, and it kept on spinning in both directions before it finally started working (This is when windows is booting up).

Right now, my computer is silent as a whisper, but the CPU fan isn't spinning a bit. Its not overheating, at 0% fan speed I don't surpass 45 degrees before the fans kick in again and go back down.

How do I fix this :(, do you guys think it was a dust buildup causing the CPU fan to suddenly get loud?

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  1. Also, before it suddenly got loud, it was idling at like 33 degrees. It made a little bit of noise, but completely bearable, then suddenly got louder one day.
  2. on page 70 of the mb guild. the cpu fan has two settings full on and auto. with the side case off set the bios to full and see if the fan comes on full speed or near full speed when powered on. also fans should not spin both ways. the cpu fans are exsauce fans to blow the hot air away from the cpu not blow down onto the cpu. i would contact intel for a replacement stock fan.
  3. Okay, thanks. When it spins both ways, its only for like a second, like it would spin anti clockwise slowly (About a quarter of a rotation), then clockwise for another second, and then anticlockwise again. Very confusing.

    Do you think dust plays a part? I noticed a small puff of dust coming from the fans when they suddenly started.
  4. I have an ASRock Z77 Pro3, and the motherboard came with ASTuner already installed, so you can easily do it without having to restart your computer. Go to start and search ASRock eXtreme Tuner, and you go under fan control and you're good to go.
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