High pitched noise coming from CPU.

Hello, I have a brand new computer just bought a week ago and I've discovered that there is a high pitched noise. After a bit of looking around, I suspect that it's coming from the PSU. It's not very loud but very annoying high pitched and occurs whenever something is running. Research from the internet hasn't really helped much in terms of whether or not this sound signifies a defect in the PSU. I'm not very technically advanced in computer language so the only thing I can tell you is that my computer model is a Dell Inspirion 620-3790NBK from Staples. It's brand new so it shouldn't be making this noise right? Should I just take it back to the store and get the PSU fixed, replaced?

Thanks for any suggestions
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    If that's coil whine, that you're hearing, then it would be considered a manufacturing defect and should be remedied under warranty.
  2. Back to the store you go ;)
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