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I have a domain controller setup with an internal domain of and an external domain of My ip address's are all dynamic so I use no-ip to keep them updated all the time. In no-ip I have a host that is used for a website. How do I tell my dns server to forward any query for to my isp's dns servers to resolve the ip from no-ip's dns servers?
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  1. Did you register as a valid website? I'm guessing this was already taken prior to your testing.
  2. yes i already registered the domain and host. I guess I would just point to my internal ip address for the web server?
  3. assign a static IP to your web server and do a port forward of port 80 to that IP
  4. If you have a DC running, you have DNS running. Create a record pointing to the internal IP address of that website.

    I'm doubting you registered and are hosting on the internet. With that, the methods Emerald and I suggested will fit your testing needs.
  5. I do have the host registered with no-ip. I want an internal client to query my isp's dns servers when they try to get to
  6. Your ISP is going to use registered IP addresses and websites. You said yourself that you have registered without an IP address. Therefore your ISP will not be able to find the website.

    You would need to register the website name with an IP address. I would recommend that you register a website with a unique name. Many people use their last name if they want it for professional reasons.

    The name doesn't mean much, it is the public IP address that is registered in DNS that is required.
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