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Relative has older computer with:

- Pentium 4 541 (Prescott, 90nm) @ 3.2 GHz
- Asrock 775Dual-VSTA
- Gigabyte GeForce 6200 TurboCache (Core: 350MHz, Memory: 256MB @ 700MHz)
- 512MB DDR2
- LC Power 350W

Screen resolution is 1280x1024 & OS is Windows XP.

So I'd like to know what should I upgrade (and with what) to normally:
a) run flash stuff (games)
b) play minecraft (medium settings, at least)

Since this computer isn't used very often, I'd like to invest as little as possible.

Thanks for your advices in advance :)
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  1. you'd be able to get a pentium D for an upgrade but its not going to be able to do much more. Might give you a slight boost as it will be a dual core pentium 4.

    at this point that pc is getting old and you might do best just to buy a new one since upgrading a part might not be worth it.
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