Core 0 Temp Static? While Others Fluctuate...?

Hey guys,

I recently swapped out my old stock cpu cooler for a nice new one.

Hooked everything up, posted and Temperatures all read between 25-35 Degrees. Besides from core 0, which is stuck at 60. doesnt fluctuate or change like the others at all.

My question is, should I be concerned about this? Or is it safe enough to say that since all the other 3 are well below danger, the 0 one should be fine...?

Also, This is probably my fault. The new cooler wouldn't fit on my mb, so i drilled a hole in the mobo and bolted it in. I know, stupid, but I had an identical backup, so I thought might as well. If i did scratch at something, should I be concerned?

I did boot onto windows and leave prime95 running for about an hour, temps stable...

An help appreciated,

Happy new year :D
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  1. Well considering you did drill into your mobo which i really wouldnt suggest,. The motherboard like any other chip boards are made of 2 pieces sandwitched together, and inbetween, lots and lots of tiny copper cables running about ;)
    However as you're able to boot into windows then no harm done, i imagine you may have damaged a sensor ;)
    If it doesnt fluctuate or change at all that's all i can think of. If it's constantly at that temp for some odd reason then still theres no worries, CPU's are fine at that temp :)
    Just make sure your cooler is fully in contact with the cpu and it should be fine :)
  2. it should be ok, you probably just damage the sensor. if it boots then its already surpassed my expectations after you drilled into it lol.
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