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Unstable CPU voltage

I've just put together my first rig and was wondering if this is a problem or not.

I seem to be getting a fluctuating voltage reading coming from my CPU I noticed it when my CPU fan dropped below its minimum 600 rpm's.
The reading I'm getting from Easy Tune is anywhere from .888V to 1.2V with this the multiplier and over all speed jumps around.

My specs are,
i5 2500
Corsair cx600

Any insight would be great thanks.
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    The CPU fan is not controlled by the CPU Vcore. It is more likely that you are seeing Intel Speed Step at work downclocking the CPU to save energy when not under load.
  2. This is perfectly ok.Because when the cpu is idling the vcore , multiplier and fan speeds would drop to minimizer power consumption.Since less heat is produced the fan is throttled down to minimum rpm.When idling vcore is around 0.96v and multiplier is at x16 for i5 2500.
    When the cpu is in use the vcore will increase to around 1.25v.Multiplier would be greater than x34 depending on the number of cores in use.
  3. this is ok no problem voltage is unstable bcz of architecture of processor at no load voltage will be low and if u do some work voltage will increase open a software from which u are reading these voltage and then press f5 for refresh for 3 sec u will see that voltage will go high bcz of work load
  4. you can try high power plan in power plan in controlpanel to resolve it
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