Odd ping problem in games!

Hi, I'm from New Zealand which is around 10000 miles from America, and around 2000-3000 miles from Australia.

A few months ago, my internet used to get around 40-60 ping to Australians and fellow New Zealanders and around 95-140 ping to Americans and 200-250 ping to Europeans, as EU is exactly 1/2 way round the globe, which is the largest distance someone can be away from you on Earth. (The game Is P2p or Person to Person)

More recently, i started getting better ping to all New Zealanders and Australians, as well as Americans and Europe and Asia, around 15-40 ping to Australians and 70-130 ping to Americans, and around 170-220 to Europeans. All was well.

Then, I relogged on my game around an hour after I played with some Australians (This being a few weeks after having better pings to all), and suddenly my friend who lived in Australia and who was 15 ping to me was 100 ping. Not only this, most of the people I was playing with from Australia were now 100 ping. American's, despite living 3-4 times the distance were still the same ping and so were the Europeans.

Eventually most Australians were ~100 ping to me, with a few of them around 40~, and yet all the Australians were under 30 ping to each other but I was 100 ping to many of them.

Eventually this problem subsided and from most Australians having 100 ping, only around 20-30% have this problem.

However, this has been ongoing for months and the problem is definitely not on their side.

this Pingtest has only improved, yet the problem remains with some Australians, and despite living closeby to me and having internet around as good as me, some have 100 ping, which is worse than what California has to me (9000 miles away).

I suspect my internet is taking a loop around which takes longer to get to australia or something like that, but i don't really understand that.

My caching is on and interleaving settings are off, both which should technically help my ping and broadband speed.
I have US robotics router, and the router has changed as the old router did not receive packets at all.

Please help me fix this, thanks!

Test your Ethernet Connection: PASS Help
Test your Wireless Connection: PASS Help
Test the connection to your DSL service provider
Test ADSL Synchronization: PASS Help
Test ATM OAM F5 segment ping: FAIL Help
Test ATM OAM F5 end-to-end ping: PASS Help
Test the connection to your Internet service provider
Test PPP server session: PASS Help
Test authentication with ISP: PASS Help
Test the assigned IP address: PASS Help
Ping default gateway: PASS Help
Ping primary Domain Name Server: PASS Help

The failed one says i do not need to troubleshoot it if my internet is working.

US robotics router/modem

Note, problem is in both my 5-6 year old Pentium 4 PC as well as my new i3 laptop.
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  1. Bump, help please.
  2. Quote:
    Did you try re-setting your modem?Sorry my knowledge is very limited in this department.Also any reduction in surfing and downloading speed.Give your ISP a call and explain your problem to them.Donot BUMP mods will lock your thread.

    Ha, I'll just make another thread/account :D.

    But yeah, It's been resetted many times and rebooted, download speed INCREASED before and after the problem started occuring, ping in pingtest.net around 1/2'd and upload speed increased by 8x and dl by 3-4x since it started.

    Same ISP provider.
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