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i have a dell xps 420 that im looking to upgrade without the expendature. my question is can a xps 420 mobo be replaced with...say a mobo from a 430 without replacing the case? i would like to push a quad core without buying a new computer. would appreciate any assistance
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    I wouldn't replace it if it still works; according to this website, your 420 board supports several quads: It's a btx board, which limits your choices. If your board is bad, I would sell off the dell case and get an atx case, which will give you more board choices.
  2. thanks o1die. the motherboard still works...but didnt thin the "Intel Core 2 Q9400 Quad-Core" processor would work with the " Intel X38 Express Chipset/ ICH9R". i thought i would have to change the chipset/mobo to the "Intel X48..." in order to support a quad-core. again...thank you for the quick response.
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