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Ive been using 2 monitors for a while now and I decided I wanted to get a 3rd one. I got my tv connected with HDMI, my one pc screen with DVI and the other pc screen with VGA. For some reason it will only show 2 at a time :/ I'm currently using ATI radeon 5500HD vid card. The error message I recieve is: "cannot save video settings". What do I need to do? buy me a new video card or connect the 2 pc monitors together or something? They both got one VGA and one DVI input each, however the new one also got a HDMI input. My vid card got 1x HDMI, 1x VGA and 1x DVI. I would assume I could use all 3 outputs at the same time.

Thanks, any help or solutions would be appriciated.
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  1. You need to use an active displayport adapter to have more than 2 monitors hooked up to an AMD card.
  2. But he doesn't have DP. His card doesn't support Eyefinity. (He has VGA, DVI, HDMI.)
  3. I thought all the 5500 cards had DP. That's unusual.
  4. My 5750 doesn't even have DP. It seems that there are a lot of "DPless" cards out there, but they all seem to have VGA instead. The GPU should support it, but the @$$hats who made the card didn't enable it. Jerks.
  5. Well the answer is simple... Buy another video card.

    You can buy a video card the supports Eyefinity which means it must have a DisplayPort.

    Or buy another video card to use with your current video card. If your motherboard has another PCI-e x4, x8, or x16 slot, then you can just install another PCI-e card like another Radeon HD 5550.

    If you only have one PCI-e slot, then you can buy a card that uses the old PCI slot and use that for the 3rd monitor. Generally not recommended since PCI card can be relatively expensive compared to simply buying another Radeon HD 5xxx or 6xxx video card which supports EyeFinity.
  6. That's what I'm looking at doing right now. Considering getting a 5770 or 6850 that supports Eyefinity. I've also seen a VERY tempting deal of two GTS450s for $150 shipped. That will allow me to run Nvidia's version of Eyefinity, thank god my mobo supports both CF and SLI.

    Of course the only games I play are TF2 and L4D2. From what I've seen I wouldn't like Eyefinity on those game, much to much "Fisheye" effect. I'll probably just end up buying a 5770 and not worry about Eyefinity.
  7. Thanks for the answers guys, I figured also that I needed a DP port, which indeed is unusual that my 5570 doesnt have as it's stock on the 5500 cards. Anyway, I've ordered a 6950 now, it should support eyefinity. Anyone know if the 6950 will make a bigger fps increase than my old 5570? and is the difference between 6950 and 6970 any big?
  8. The difference between the 5500 (is there such a card?) and the 6950 is HUGE. For gaming anyways. The difference is so large in fact that we should question if you have a CPU and PSU to support it.
  9. oh wow! This sounds good. As it is now with my ATI Radeon HD 5570 I can maintain like 40 fps outdoor (WoW) on good quality and 60 fps in pretty much every instance/raid on ultra ( depends though) I usually only play world of warcraft and portals 2. It can be abit laggy sometimes and i have to turn down the graphics. What do you think? will the 6950 make all these issues go away? and how will it handle eyefinity? the resolution on eyefinity is quite insane

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